I finally decided what I want to be when I grow up . . . healthy, happy, busy and fulfilled! That’s how I feel when I am helping others, especially Seniors.  My definition of helping is:  assisting people with whatever they need to live the rest of their lives with as much happiness, independence and dignity as possible.
Actually, if I’m counting, this is my 4th career.  My first, and by far my most important job that I shared with my husband, was raising our wonderful kids, Ryan and Lexie.  I also had a 15-year career at Hughes Aircraft Company (now Raytheon) as an Administrative Assistant.  I wanted more time and flexibility to raise my kids, so I left there and started a Gift Basket business with another Mom.  We ran the business successfully for 16 years, while only working the hours that the kids were in school.  We sold the business in January of 2009.

It has always been my nature to want to help, no matter what needs to be done.  I thought that it was very important to instill this in my kids, and I thought the best way to do that was to lead by example.  Having my own business gave me the flexibility that I needed to volunteer at their grade school, be their soccer team Mom several times, volunteer at swim meets and serve on the Little League Board for two years.  Even when they were in high school I coordinated the Baseball snack bar for four years, as well as tournaments, and volunteered my time and materials every year to put together gift baskets for the "After Prom" fundraiser.  For several years the kids and I volunteered
to make lunches for Casa Maria through Most Holy Trinity Parish (coordinated by Sonia McReynolds.)  My kids both have been involved in many types of volunteer service and continue to volunteer in the community in various capacities.  Now that they are grown and off to college, it's time for me to do something else that I am passionate about.
Lori Kukurba, Owner
Certified Caregiver
My inspiration for A Helping Hand For Seniors
On January 17, 2009 my Mom who was only 67 had a very severe stroke.  Her right side was paralyzed, and she couldn’t speak.  The neurosurgeon operated that night and the next 48 hours were critical.   My three brothers and I were constantly at her bedside.  She was stable for five days, but on January 23, 2009 (the day I signed the papers to sell my business) she took a turn for the worse.  She had more bleeding in her brain and there was nothing the doctors could do to help her.  She passed away the next morning.  My brothers and I, and all of our families were devastated.

For the next year I just existed, doing what I had to do and feeling lost and very unsettled.  After the one year anniversary of my Mom’s death, I knew that I had to do something different, and it had to be something that I was passionate about.  I never got the chance to help take care of my Mom because she passed away so suddenly, and at such a young age, but I realized that I wanted to help other families with their elderly loved ones.

My experience with Seniors
I have always had a big heart and a lot of compassion for older people.  It seems that we all get busy with our own lives, raising our kids, stressing ourselves out about our jobs, extracurricular activities and the everyday things that have to be done.  We tend to not have as much time as we would like for our elderly loved ones.  I know that this has happened in my own family.

I have on several occasions had the pleasure of helping take care of my wonderful Mother-in-law who is now 87 years old and still living on her own and driving.  I helped her with her recovery from open heart surgery (triple bypass and valve repair) when she was 83 years old.  She was in the hospital for a month, and had a few setbacks, but with a lot of help from her loving family we got through it!  Most recently (April 2010) she fell and fractured her arm.  I stayed with her for a month, assisting her with daily tasks, and taking her to numerous doctor appointments.  She’s right back to taking care of herself, living on her own and driving.  That is what makes her happy, being able to stay in her home, be independent and take care of herself.

I believe that I have been guided in the right direction and feel greatly blessed by the opportunity to assist Seniors and their families.

​        Supervisory, Personal and Directed Care services for
 Caregivers; approved by the Arizona Department of
 Health Services.

​        First Aid and CPR certified in accordance with the
 curriculum of the American Heart Association
 Heartsaver program.
Helping Seniors live happier,
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