Helping Seniors live happier, healthier lives at home.
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A Helping Hand for Seniors
-  arrange appointments for Dr. visits, hairdresser, manicure/pedicure, home repairs,
    Dentist, physical therapy, etc.
-  provide reminders for scheduled appointments
-  escort to appointments, be present for home repairs, home deliveries
-  maintain calendar

Check-up Visits
-  drop-in visits to assess how the Senior is doing as far as health, demeanor,
    and appearance
-  safety check of the home, inside and out
-  conversation with Senior to see if they have any questions, health concerns or
    need immediate assistance with anything
-  medication reminders, check to see if refills are needed

-  companionship and conversation, reminisce about the past, discuss current
    and historical events
-  read religious materials, magazines and books, watch TV and movies
-  assist with clothing selection, aid with morning wake-up and assist with evening
-  accompany to breakfast, lunch or dinner
-  take walks, light exercise to maintain/increase activity level

-  help write letters, cards and other correspondence
-  assist in filling out forms, surveys, etc.
-  organize incoming mail and bills
-  mail outgoing correspondence, make sure bills are sent out on time

-  assist with entertaining, planning a party, dinner or get-together
-  play games, cards, participate in crafts
-  plan visits, outings and trips, visit neighbors and friends
-  attend movies, plays, concerts, club meetings and sporting events  

Light Housekeeping
-  assist with laundry and ironing
-  take out garbage, recycling
-  make beds, change linens
-  care for houseplants
-  clean dishes and kitchen after meals

Meals Assistance
-  prepare grocery lists, clip coupons, shop for groceries and supplies
-  plan and prepare meals
-  check for food expirations
-  monitor special diet requirements and eating

Pet Care Assistance
-  assist with feeding, walking, taking outside, etc.
-  take for grooming appointments, veterinary appointments
-  make sure shots and registration are current

-  escort for grocery shopping, drop off/pick up prescriptions, dry cleaning, etc.
-  escort to Mall or other stores for shopping
-  take to bank, post office, hospital to visit family, friends, etc.

-  drop off/pick up at specified times and locations (i.e., mall, friends house, church)
-  accompany to airport, help with check-in, bags, boarding flight and pick up and
   assist with bags upon return
-  special transportation to Green Valley, Sierra Vista, Phoenix and other destinations
and more . . . just
   ask and we'll help!
For all of the above listed services, our rates are as follows:

-  $22 per hour with a 2 hour minimum per visit

-  Mileage @ $.55/mile
All of our services are available wherever the Senior lives - it doesn't matter if they are in a Nursing Home, an Assisted Living Facility, in a family member's home, or their own home.  We will go anywhere to help make their lives easier and more enjoyable!