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A Helping Hand for Seniors
Lori Kukurba has been a friend of mine for 10 years.  She has always been there for me when I needed a helping hand whether it be with the children or any other problem that might have arose.  I recently had major surgery on my knee and Lori was thoughtful enough to bring me some substitutes for the hospital food!  When I started physical therapy and couldn't drive she would pick me up and take me home even though she had medical issues with two members of her own family.  She always tried to arrange her schedule to fit everyone in.  Lori is a kind, reliable and hardworking person and one to which I would certainly entrust the care of my loved ones.
- Marlene
Having worked in this profession in Germany myself for over 13 years, experience has proven to me that the best prerequisites for caring for the elderly and disabled citizens in our communities are:




For many years my sister-in-law Lori Kukurba has proven to our family over and over again that she has all of these qualifications, and many more. Living in Germany, so far away from my mother, Mom has often told me that Lori helps her as if she were her own daughter.  Calling her often to check how she is, going with her to doctors appointments to make sure she understands everything the doctors tell her, helping her straighten out any questionable billing issues, helping her avoid scams and fraud, arranging for contractor repairs in her home and with any other problems that may arise.  Lori’s engagement is of great comfort for me, and gives me peace of mind being so far away.  Because Lori’s commitment comes from her heart, I know that anyone seeking her help will be in the best of hands.
 - Helga
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Although I have never met Lori Kukurba in person I have complete trust in her 
willingness and ability to help my older brother, a disabled Vietnam Vet, who 
lives 2,000 miles from me!  It only took a few weeks of working with Lori at a 
distance via telephone and email for me to develop that trust.  Lori is not only 
competent, detail oriented and good at follow up; but she also has a passion for 
helping seniors, especially if they are being taken advantage of (intentionally 
or otherwise).  She helped straighten out my brother’s complex financial and 
medical issues in a relatively short time.  She has facilitated home repairs, 
gotten significant refunds, and straightened out banking, Postal Service, and 
prescription issues.  Lori’s kind and supportive attention to details regarding 
his lifestyle, medical, and financial issues as well as frequent calls to my 
brother have put me at ease regarding my only brother’s welfare.

Dave T – New York